Provide excellent hydraulic and automatic solutions
and excellent service for machinery

About us


Ke Cheng is a manufacturer specializing in gantry transfer vehicles, NDT test machines, electrode material, mechanical structures, mould hinge systems, heating elements and systems, pultrusion equipment, auto-production line for pultruded girders, hydraulic cylinder&system, automatic machinery and equipment. The company has a perfect quality management system such as IATF16949 and process, as well as various advanced testing and CNC processing equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for producing high-quality products.

Vision & Values

Our Vision

Through the use of technology and the provision of services, improve the efficiency of mechanical drives and reduce energy consumption.

Our existence is very important. The products we create and the excellent services we provide help our customers and the customers who use them to produce efficiently and achieve their target value.

Our Perspective


Take Responsibility

Conduct business and production activities within the framework of ethics and regulations

Pursue Excellence

Obtain excellent performance and operational results

Committed to innovation

Dare to innovate and create sustainable value

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the foundation of Kecheng's brand values and one of the important pillars of the company's development strategy. We achieve sustainability from many aspects such as working environment, production efficiency and employee development. Make decisions from a long-term perspective and plan long-term operation plans. Our sustainability is not only reflected in the design and manufacture of products, but we always insist on doing our utmost to take responsibility for society and the environment.