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    Wind turbine blade gantry transfer vehicle

    It is used for the automatic transfer of 100~150m, 70 tons of large blades, and at the same time solves the work of in-plant transfer, online weighing, blade turning and delivery of blades, improves flexibility and safety in the transfer process, improves efficiency and reduces transhipment costs.

    Technical features:

    (1) Four-wheel independent omnidirectional wheels can realize a variety of movement modes such as straight driving, traverse, in-situ rotation, rotation around any point, diagonal driving, and turning while walking

    (2) Dual-vehicle linkage control, remote control operation, combined with the sling and slewing mechanism to prevent blade damage

    (3) Independent double-stage lifting device to meet various application conditions

    (4) Diesel engine power, hydraulic drive, can adapt to -25 °C environment, can operate around the clock

    (5) It can be used for blade delivery, replacing automobile crane delivery blades

    (6) Optional blade turning, blade traversing, online weighing and other functions

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    Wind turbine blade automation NDT equipment

    Product introduction: for non-destructive testing of the blade main beam and auxiliary beam area, using phased array detection technology, it can detect defects such as insufficient bonding, delamination, folds, inclusions, disbonding, cracks, pores, pores, lack of glue, etc., and classify and summarize the defects and automatically generate test reports.

    For non-destructive testing of the main beam and auxiliary beam area of the blade, phased array detection technology is adopted, which can detect defects such as insufficient adhesion, delamination, folds, inclusions, disbonding, cracks, pores, pores, and lack of glue, and classify and summarize the defects and automatically generate test reports.

    Technical features:

    (1) Single operation, automatic conformal detection

    (2) Flexible scanning unit, and force control unit to ensure that the probe and blade are closely fitted to ensure the coupling effect

    (3) Multi-probe arrangement, detection speed up to 0.2km/h

    (4) Offline analysis function, automatic classification and summary of defects, automatic issuance of inspection reports

    (5) Test process water recycling

    Software Features:

    (1) Real-time display of A/S/C scan image, real-time storage of detection data

    (2) The scanning resolution can be changed to meet the requirements of different image quality

    (3) The inspection report can be automatically generated to record the location of all defects and the A/B/C/S scan image

    (4) It can measure glue width, glue thickness and defect size

    (5) Defect record and management function, which can identify and classify and summarize the detection defects

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    Nickel mesh material

    High-performing nickel material

    -Nickel wire

    -Nickel net


    The use of an automatic CNC nickel mesh weaving machine to weave nickel mesh, the raw material is made of self-produced pure nickel wire with excellent performance, after warping, buckling, weaving to the finished product, the finished product has been inspected by mesh number, flatness, etc., to ensure the output of zero-defect nickel mesh. It has 100 sets of automatic CNC nickel mesh weaving machines, 2 meters/2.5 meters wide nickel mesh production capacity of 4000 meters/day, a total of 2 meters/2.5 meters specification pure nickel mesh output of 2000 pieces/day.

    Product specifications

    (1) Material composition: No. 6 nickel N6 (in line with GB5235)

    (2) Product specifications: conventional products 46 mesh * 0.19mm / 46 mesh * 0.25mm / 60 mesh * 0.25mm

    (3) Weaving method: plain weaving, twill weaving

    (4) Finished product size: ≤2.2m, round or square

    (5) The product supports customization of other sizes and mesh (less than 200 mesh).

    Product performance indicators

    Ordinal Item indicator
    1 Ni content ≥99.5%
    2 Mesh size and mesh uniformity conform to GB/T 17492
    3 Number of significant defects allowed Zero defects (holes, cracks, semi-wefts, dense channels, jumping wires, weft/loose warp wires, warp loose wires)
    4 Maximum overall size deviation ±0.5%
    5 Nickel mesh flatness Unevenness <5mm/2.5m mesh

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    Pultrusion and chamfering machine


    Pultrusion machine is mainly used for composite profiles of the pull-out moulding, the production line is mainly composed of roll-up equipment, cutting equipment, traction equipment, meter counter device, insulation box, mould, sensor, rubber grooves. Equipment metal materials select high-quality profile sheet welding processing, processing parts are independent processing, mechanical part of the quality is reliable, structural stability, electrical part in accordance with the European CE electrical certification requirements.



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    Double acting cylinders

    Cylinder material: S355J2H/Q345D/Q345E, precision honing.
    Piston rod material:  S355J2G3/Q345D/Q345E/42CrMo, fine-ground and hard-chrome plated, hardenable.
    Seals:  Brand seals made in China, Japan and Sweden.
    Installation:  There are 7 standard installation methods.
    Size range / bore diameter: 1.38 in ~ 15.7 in
    Stroke up to: 6000mm
    Pressure range: 160 ~ 450 bar
    Application temperature: -20℃ to100℃
    Various function control valves and stroke terminals and buffer mechanisms can be installed. Please contact us for special custom requirements.

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    Hinge system

    Ke Cheng provide customers high quality of

    -hinge system

    -electrical system PLC

    -heating alloy or wire

    -thermocouple wire

    -heating blanket

    -heating cloth

    Press equipment hydraulic system

    The hydraulic system is mainly used in continuous press equipment, throttle response speed requirements are high, adopting DN50 diameter two-way plug-in valve, through logical control, to achieve the pressure cylinder speed switching and pressurized, using the accumulator’s rapid release performance, to achieve the rapid pressure of the cylinder.

    -Hydraulic system

    It can provide customized hydraulic power stations in various industries. The use of high-quality motors, pumps, control valves and instruments and other components, reliable performance, short delivery cycle.

    -Mill hydraulic system

    The product covers the pipe billet preparation, perforation, rolling pipe, de-pipe, diameter reduction cold bed, straightening, fixed diameter and other manufacturing links, high-precision control of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe equipment normal operation.
    The main features: Rolling pipe roller seam control using advanced electro-hydraulic control technology, to achieve the dynamic control of the rolling process, represents the latest level of hydraulic control of the rolling mill, so that the steel pipe wall thickness is uniform, high precision and high production efficiency; The system is equipped with pressure, temperature, level and other sensors, can monitor the hydraulic system, pipeline system and cooling system status in real time, with overpressure, overheat, overload protection and other functions.

    -Heavy-duty machine hydraulic system

    This hydraulic system is mainly supported by heavy-duty machine tool feed motion transmission device, swing main body motion transmission device, auxiliary device and static pressure support, precise control of work station lateral movement, spindle rotation, work parts clamping and other actions.

    -Standard hydraulic power unit

    For standard and complex hydraulic circuits and lifting applications, increase or decrease valve packs as required to perform the action.
    The DC motor has a power of 3000 W.
    The AC motor has a power of 4000 W.
    Flow up to 14.8 l/min (1500 rpm).
    The peak pressure is 350 bar.

    -Ultra-high pressure hydraulic power station

    For non-standard equipment, such as hydraulic tools.
    A radial plunger pump is used.
    The peak pressure is 700 bar.
    Flow up to 80L/min (1500 rpm).

    Electrical control

    Using brand-quality electronic components and self-programmed PLC control, we complete all internal electrical and mechanical connections for you, neat wiring, good heat dissipation, high efficiency, energy saving, dust and water release.

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    Ke Cheng Mechanical structure

    Ke Cheng provide steel frame and accessories.



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