Provide customized hydraulic solutions
to meet your needs

Rigorous Scheme Design

Our hydraulic experts use a rigorous attitude to conduct a comprehensive technical understanding of the cylinder components and materials, and take every detail of the product seriously. Create personalized solutions to meet customer needs, and provide high-quality and high-reliability products.

Lightweight Design

Lightweight design is always taken into account of our hydraulic cylinders. Using high-strength thin-walled cylinder tubes and hollow piston rods, the weight and capacity of hydraulic cylinders are balanced with the requirements of the application conditions.

Higher Safety Factor

We use the finite element method to design the hydraulic cylinder and its individual parts. By calculating the ideal force and stress curve, the component weight can be designed smaller and a greater safety factor can be obtained.

Sealing Systems

With the adoption of advanced sealing systems, we carefully match the sealing combination of piston and guide sleeve. Effectively waterproofing, dustproofing, and improving the wear and pressure resistance performance to prolong service life of the cylinder when performing under high frequency and high temperature conditions.