The highest standard of
quality awareness

We implement a comprehensive and strict quality management system

Quality Management

Each cylinder has to pass a series of quality assurance tests and inspections in order to ensure the consistency of the size and high working performance that exceeds the expected quality.

For every aspect of the production process, we emphasize critical inspection and overall traceability. Kelon Weston has always been proud of its rigorous manufacturing process.

Quality management standards
GB/T 15622-2005

Supplier Quality Control

Maintaining close communication with suppliers and conducting audits form the basis for the high quality of KLOONGWISH hydraulic products. We implement rigorous testing methods, use precision instruments to assist in measurement, perform strict process verification, and conduct comprehensive inspections of samples to ensure stable output of product quality.

Weld Inspection

Welds are inspected by ultrasonic inspections, x-rays, and penetrant testing in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Product Testing

Our hydraulic cylinders go through a wide variety of tests such as pressure resistance, leakage, and oil cleanliness to ensure product reliability. Test results are automatically recorded to facilitate data tracking for later services.